If lace dress is the one your favorite. We have tips to care. To wash lace,

should check the stain before washing. If you find that the stain is, use lemon

juice with soda water label on the stain before washing. Hand washing is

better. Using a mild detergent. Do not wring and rub forcefully. Do not hang

dry in the sun. ...
  Beauty Tips Fruit for beauty of women. Passion fruit is a citrus fruit native to South America. There are many benefits for the health and beauty of women of all ages from head to toe. Vitamin B2 in passion fruit nourish hair, nails and skin a brilliant shine with anti-oxidants help slow down the signs of aging. A source of magnesium helps to burn ...
The most successful and stable. Nail color should be orange, yellow or purple.

Jobs Job wanted it to be interesting. Colors to create the look for young hitters Monday. Should be a light cream color with small pattern with pink.

Paint your nails to look good. Clean impressive with blue or blue-black color adds a diamo ...
  10 Beautiful eyelashes batting technique

1. If a brush soaked with meat mascara. The tissues lining the bristles. Mascara makes a mess while batting an eye.

2. Avoid Stroke brush out of the tube. Because the meat mascara dries quickly.

3. If you want to let the mascara on the brush more. The rotat ...
  Drinking milk...good for you.
Milk is full of calcium and vitamin D. Drinking milk will be advantaged to build bones and teeth and avoid Alzheimer.
Milk, egg yolk, fish, cheese, butter, fortified cereals and mushrooms are good sources of vitamin D. ...
  Neck skin need tobe cared as well as face.
Tightening loose skin on neck by applying regularly SPF and collagen products.
1. Begin with warm up and exercise
2. Tilt from front to back
3. Tilt from side to side
4. Rotate head from side to side ...

     Choose light mixture shampoo or  hair colored shampoo. Always use  conditioner a ...


     There are lots of things to consider when you are choosing a new perfume. Certain key ingredients are said to release certain feelings in certain occasion. Such like “ Wor ...


     There are many ways to eliminate toxin from the body and now Yoga is the


     Onion can solve the skin problems such like freckle or skin blemish and also

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